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Graduate, Undergraduate, and Post-Baccalaureate Students

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If you are an international student who plans to attend Commencement and needs documentation for visa reasons for you and/or your guests, you can request a Commencement Visa Letter.

Commencement Visa Letter Types

Instructions for Commencement Visa Letter requests

  1. Select the type of letter you need from above. You will be directed to the OSU secure sign-in page where you will enter your ONID credentials and authenticate with DUO.
  2. Based on your letter selection, a screen will pop up stating the letter type name (Submit REGS Commencement Visa Letter). Click the "Initiate Request" button.
  3. Next select, Click here to sign REGS Commencement Visa Letter. You will receive an email message in your OSU email account from DocuSign. Keep in mind, it may be necessary to login to DocuSign to complete the letter request.
  4. The DocuSign window will open with your Visa Commencement Form for: [your name] request. Click Sign to begin the form completion process. If you click "More" you can "Decline to Sign", voiding the Commencement Visa Letter request.
  5. The form will pre-fill with some of your degree information: Name, Degree and Major. You cannot make changes to these fields.
  6. Select the "Completion Term" from the drop-down list and enter the year (yyyy) for your graduation.
  7. Guest Attendance Letter Only: You must enter the guest names and relationships to you, such as, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother, friend, etc.
  8. When you have finished entering the required information, click "Finish" to submit your request.
  9. Once submitted, your letter request will route to the Office of the Registrar for completion.
  10. Once your Commencement Visa Letter request is reviewed as complete by the Office of the Registrar, you will receive a copy of the letter in your OSU email inbox. Note: The letter will come from "DocuSign Registrar Forms Manager". Click on "view completed document" to print or download as a pdf.

If you have questions, please contact [email protected] for assistance.