Last Name First Name Position E-mail address Office Phone
Benson Kristin Associate Registrar-Compliance [email protected] 541-737-2012
Brown Rick Military Student Services Specialist [email protected] 541-737-0747
Cholewinski Karren Executive Assistant to the Associate Provost & Registrar [email protected] 541-737-6616
Dean Allyson Communications & Student Privacy Manager [email protected] 541-737-6634
Dennis Brad Project Manager [email protected] 541-737-2077
Farrington David Degree Clearance Manager [email protected] 541-737-2074
Guinn Julia Student Records Coordinator [email protected] 541-737-4331
Gunn Rebecca Administrative Program Specialist - Records [email protected] 541-737-4331
Hoyt Sara Scheduler [email protected] 541-737-2181
Jackson Brooke Administrative Program Specialist - Records [email protected] 541-737-2007
Jefferis Michael Associate Registrar - Catalog, Curriculum, & Schedule [email protected] 541-737-0604
Johnson Shannon Administrative Program Specialist - Records [email protected] 541-737-4331
Ketterman Jennifer Associate Registrar – Operations [email protected] 541-737-2830
Landis Autumn Sr. Asst. Registrar Projects and Communication [email protected] 541-737-2018
Lehto Cindy Master Scheduler [email protected] 541-737-0607
Lindsey Danielle Asst Registrar Athletics and Veterans Compliance [email protected] 541-737-0747
Main Martin Analyst Programmer [email protected] 541-737-0612
Mathern Rebecca Assoc. Provost & University Registrar [email protected] 541-737-6616
Moreno Sarah Asst Registrar-Athletic Compliance [email protected]
Parker Catherine Military Student Services Specialist [email protected] 541-737-6992
Root Darleen Program Specialist - Graduation [email protected] 541-737-9054
Smith Cynthia Administrative Program Specialist - Records [email protected] 541-737-4331
Sorenson David Analyst Programmer [email protected] 541-737-7325
Sparlin Marteen Management Analyst [email protected] 541-737-0610
Stevenson Pamela Administrative Program Specialist - Records [email protected] 541-737-4331
Sykes Belinda Catalog Coordinator [email protected] 541-737-0603
Wagner Rebecca Asst Registrar - Scheduling [email protected] 541-737-2181
Wendler Brian Analyst Programmer [email protected]