OSU Students,


We hope your spring term is going well while we navigate the circumstances of COVID-19. As we advance through the term, we would like to share a reminder regarding religious holidays which OSU community may observe. Oregon State University is committed to providing support for students whose observance of their religious beliefs may have an impact on classes, schedules and dietary needs. 


We request that faculty and supervisors work with all undergraduate and graduate students – and regardless of learning modality – as outlined in OSU’s Religious Accommodation of Students Policy. It is incumbent on the student making the request to notify the faculty member or supervisor as soon as possible prior to the need for accommodation. Students should work directly with their faculty member or supervisor on these requests according to the religious accommodation policy. Meanwhile, faculty and staff are able to approve requests for religious accommodations without consultation but must first contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access if denying a request.


Because of the timing of some holidays, we recognize it may not always be possible for students to contact faculty and staff for accommodations in advance as outlined in our religious accommodations policy. For this reason, we request that faculty work with students who miss required activities due to these religious holidays, and provide accommodations to make up any missed work deliverables or course material within a reasonable amount of time. In particular, due to the unique circumstances of the university’s COVID-19 response, flexibility should be given to students and offices to navigate religious accommodation processes within current and varied circumstances. Keep in mind that students may be located in different time zones and interact with the calendar and religious practices differently than they would if they were present in Oregon.


In addition to the above information, with this email, we are providing information about different dining and food options available on our campuses in Corvallis and at OSU-Cascades.


If you have any questions, concerns or recommendations, please do not hesitate to directly contact the Office of the Dean of Students or  Office of Equal Opportunity and Access.


We support our students in balancing their academic schedules, employment duties and religious observations. I wish you all a great remainder of your spring term.


Kevin A. Dougherty, Ed.D.

Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs & Dean of Students

[email protected]


Dining and Food Options: Corvallis UHDS and OSU-Cascades campus dining locations are open for take-out service spring term.


OSU Corvallis Resources


Any residential student in Corvallis practicing a faith-based diet who needs to develop a plan that will meet dietary needs for upcoming holidays and beyond; who has suggestions about specific foods that could be added to our convenience stores and dining halls; or who needs to discuss access to space for meal preparations, etc., should contact Tara Sanders, registered dietitian in University Housing & Dining Services by calling 541-737-3915 (office) or 541-602-9736 (cell).


Food in all UHDS dining centers is labeled for dietary preferences and allergen needs. UHDS carries many Halal and Kosher-certified packaged goods as well as a variety of whole foods (fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains) at Cascadia Market in the International Living Learning Center building. For more information about all available food options, restaurants and menus, please visit the University Housing & Dining Services website.


OSU-Cascades Resources


Any residential student at OSU-Cascades practicing a faith-based diet who needs to develop a plan that will meet dietary needs for upcoming holidays and beyond should contact Lori Waters, assistant director of dining and auxiliary services, to assist students with special food needs.


Amy Snyder, assistant director residential education and housing, can help students living in residence who need access to meal preparation space.


To request this information in an alternative format please contact [email protected].




Oregon State University

Office of the Dean of Students

206 Student Experience Center, Corvallis, Oregon, 97331

Send Date: 
Friday, April 16, 2021