From: Office of the Registrar

Dear Students,  

As you prepare for upcoming summer and fall term course registration, we wish to inform you of a change you will begin seeing related to some courses. A statewide legislative effort called Common Course Numbering brought together faculty from Oregon public universities and community colleges to align course content, course numbers and course credits that are most commonly transferred between Oregon public community colleges and four universities as students progress in their education.   


Courses affected by this common course numbering will now have a “Z” following the course number, such as WR 121Z.  


The purpose of including the “Z” is to make it transparent that these courses are the same, regardless of the Oregon community college or university where the student took the course. As a result transfer of those course credits will be an identical transfer at all public institutions in Oregon.  

Which courses 

The following courses will be offered starting in summer 2023 at OSU and will include the letter “Z” to indicate their common course numbering: COMM 111Z, COMM 218Z, MTH 105Z, MTH 111Z, MTH 112Z, ST 243Z, WR 121Z, and WR 227Z.  

When will this course numbering be in effect 

Summer registration opens April 17 and will include these eight transfer-friendly courses. 

Important Notes 

Searching for these courses in the Schedule of Classes requires that you add a Z or an * to the search for one of these eight courses. The * serves as a ‘wildcard’ in the search functionality and will serve up results inclusive of any course with your search language. For example, you may search for WR121Z or WR121*.  

Both COMM 100Z and WR 122Z are part of the state of Oregon’s new common course numbering project but are not courses that OSU offers. 


If you have questions regarding Common Course Numbering, please visit this website

If you have questions regarding your program of study and any of the courses listed above, please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.  


Office of the Registrar  

Send Date: 
Wednesday, April 12, 2023