The following information relates to scheduling continuity resources for fall term 2020 and possibly longer as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This information will continually be updated.  

Open Buildings

Please see the Building Status Dashboard for a list of buildings that will be open and unlocked during fall term 2020 to provide services to students or host classes.

Teaching and Learning Modality Definitions

  • Remote Learning – 100% remote, excludes Ecampus. Students attend class sessions remotely at scheduled times (synchronously); no on-campus requirements.         
  • Blended Learning – both on-campus and remote elements. Students attend class in-person and remotely. Some components may include synchronous remote learning.        
  • On Campus Only – 100% in-person instruction. Students primarily attend class in-person/on-site. Instruction is delivered in person at the schedule time and location.
  • Ecampus – fully online (asynchronous) learning. Students participate via Canvas. Search classes by selecting Campus = Ecampus-Online

Modalities can be found by looking in the Schedule of Classes. Section modality will be listed under course details. Course modality will be indicated with course attribute. Course modality is what determines where the section will show up with the Course Modality filters on the left hand side of the page. Please note that while section modality and course modality are often the same, they MAY differ if there are linked sections with differing modalities involved.

Future terms may not have modalities determined yet. That information is updated when it is available. Fall 2020 only has course modalities listed, not section modalities.

Physical Distancing / COVID Capacities

During the Summer of 2020, academic departments/colleges and the Office of the Registrar worked to determine reduced, physical distancing (COVID) capacities for university classrooms. Those new, reduced capacities can be found on this Box Document, which may be updated as new information becomes available.

Please be aware that only certain classrooms have been assigned COVID capacities through this process and the link below is not an exhaustive list of all campus spaces. Guidance for determining reduced capacities for other university spaces can be found on the Office of Finance and Administration’s Building Operations Resumption page. 

Click here for Physical Distancing (COVID) Capacities for University Classrooms

Department Schedulers: If a course section is utilizing a “rotational” method of instruction (wherein only a portion of the enrolled students will be physically in the classroom at any given time), the COVID capacity may be less than the number of enrolled students. Because these new capacities are coded onto the classroom spaces in Banner, in these instances departments may be locked out of making updates to enrollment maxes and instructors in SYASECT (under normal circumstances, the software will not permit higher enrollment caps than the capacity of the room in which it is scheduled). If this occurs, departments must contact the Schedule Desk ([email protected]) to make those changes on their behalf.


Scheduling Classroom Space for Remote Instruction

Instructors wishing to use classroom space on Corvallis campus to deliver their remote modality sections should reach out to their designated department scheduler. Those schedulers will then work with the Schedule Desk to reserve a space with remote instruction capabilities for fall term using 25Live. This will be scheduled as an event and not on the academic course CRN, which will remain with “Remote Learning” as the location assignment.

Instructors on Cascades campus should send requests for remote instruction spaces to Konnie Handschuch, Scheduling Specialist.