The university has defined Academic Regulations to guide students, faculty, and advisors. Refer to these regulations often. Here we address some of regulations we regularly receive questions about, but this does not address every academic regulation.

Exams, Attendance, Repeated Courses, & more… (for Students) (for Faculty/Staff)

When in doubt, refer to the Academic Regulations to determine if there are existing rules to help guide you.

Grades, Honor Roll, and Academic Standing (for Students) (for Faculty/Staff)

Learn about the OSU grading system, GPA calculation process, and academic standing rules.

Guidance on Placing Holds

Holds serve a particular function. This provides guidance on when a hold may be implemented.

Institutional Degree Requirements (for Students) (for Faculty/Staff)

In addition to college and major requirements the university has defined university level requirements that must be met in order for a baccalaureate degree to be awarded.

Registration Regulations (for Students) (for Faculty/Staff)

There are policies and procedures for all registration procedures. Refer to the Registration Regulations section of this site for more information.

Repeated Courses

The effect of repeating a course depends on what type of course it is.