The university's Academic Regulations guide students, faculty, and advisors. Refer to these regulations often. Here we address some of the regulations we regularly receive questions about.

Exams, Attendance, & more… (for Students) (for Faculty/Staff)

When in doubt, refer to the Academic Regulations to determine if there are existing rules to help guide you.

Grades, Honor Roll, and Academic Standing (for Students) (for Faculty/Staff)

Learn about the OSU grading system, GPA calculation process, and academic standing rules.

Institutional Degree Requirements (for Students) (for Faculty/Staff)

In addition to college and major requirements, there are university-level requirements for a baccalaureate degree to be awarded.

Registration Regulations (for Students) (for Faculty/Staff)

Registration policies and procedures are listed in the Registration Regulations section of this website

Repeated Courses

The effect of repeating a course depends on what type of course it is.