Project Summary: 

In academic year 2018-19, OSU rolled out “institutional awarding” for undergraduate students, which involved undergraduate/post-baccalaureate students no longer applying to graduate. Instead, the office of the registrar and college advising staff use degree audit data to determine when a student becomes a candidate for graduation. This transition affected a number of processes related to advising, degree conferral, commencement, etc. This effort was considered Phase I of Institutional Awarding.

Phase II includes leveraging existing data to predict anticipated graduation term and also accurately determine when students are “on track” or “off track” to degree completion that will address compliance and related needs connected to Financial Aid, Athletics, Veterans, and National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) verifications. This will be setting the stage for improved course offerings over time, and creating student populations to target for different types of advising. 

Strategic 4.0 Plan Actions
  • Retool the OSU experience for the 21st-century learner
  • Expand pathways to an OSU credential
  • Increase our retention and graduation of all students
  • Strengthen our support system for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Integrate and simplify technology systems, data practices and policies to increase our organizational agility
Project Status: 
Requesting Department: 
Office of the Registrar
Project Manager: 
Kristin Benson
Last Updated Date: 
Friday, April 7, 2023
Start Term: 
Winter 2020
Status Report: 
►4/6/2023: This project will be cancelled and redesigned in the future to focus on MyDegrees audit data, on-track/off-track reporting, and graduation term projections. ►1/26/2023: Wrapping up with final student survey and development of an on-track/off-track report, in aggregate.
►12/22/2022: Create/update your Planner period ended 12/16/22 for the prize drawing. Next step is to survey students who are entered into the drawing in winter term as well as design on-track/off-track reporting.
►9/22/2022: OtR staff are developing training materials and communication plans to encourage the use of the Planner in pilot colleges. Training and comms will deploy week 3 of fall term.
►7/28/2022: The team reviewed the survey results with the workgroup.
►5/26/2022: Completed student and advisor surveys. After commencement will discuss survey results with Registrar. The majority of the project milestones have been mapped out.
►4/28/2022: Deployed an advisor survey and student survey to learn about the use of, and satisfaction with, SEP. We are looking at a Fall 2022 launch of the pilot and will be creating training materials for advisors and students over the summer.
►3/24/2022: The workgroup is finalizing the survey to students and advisors, reviewing work plan tasks, and establishing tentative dates/timeframes for launching the pilot. Meeting to discuss the relationship between this project and the SEP/course planning project March 25.
►2/24/2022: Continuing to work on the pre-pilot surveys and developing presentation slides of the Phase I assessment and Phase II objectives.
►1/27/2022: The pilot group is developing pre-pilot survey questions of students and the advising community. Verifying that the MyDegrees configuration allows only advisors to make a Student Educational Planner (SEP) active and on-track/off-track functions as expected. Preparing a short report for university leadership.
►College of Forestry, College of Engineering, and OSU-Cascades campus have volunteered to pilot instituting Student Educational Planners (SEP) for upper-class students. The pilot will run in Winter and Spring 2022.