Project Summary: 

In accordance with Senate Bill 233, the other public post-secondary institutions are establishing a common course numbering system for introductory and lower-level courses with similar learning outcomes.

This project will increase the ability for transfer students to earn OSU credit from their prior coursework, require less work on the student side, and decrease the time spent taking additional coursework they may have already earned credit for elsewhere. Common course numbering will also allow students to transfer their OSU courses elsewhere when it is no longer possible for them to finish their careers at OSU. 

Strategic Plan 4.0 Actions
  • Retool the OSU experience for the 21st-century learner
  • Implement an integrated approach to recruiting and enrolling learners at all levels
Project Status: 
Requesting Department: 
Office of the Registrar
Project Manager: 
Rebecca Mathern
Last Updated Date: 
Thursday, December 22, 2022
Start Term: 
Summer 2021
Status Report: 
►12/22/2022: The transfer council finalized the ten courses for common course numbering on December 16, 2022. HECC to give final approval in February. Courses include Comm 100, 111, 218, MTH 105, 111, 112; ST 243; WR 121, 122, 227. OSU to kick off operational work in early 2022.
►7/28/2022: The Systems and Operations subcommittee has completed their recommendations for the Transfer Council and it has moved to the Council for a vote. The SysOps subcommittee is currently evaluating nuanced details for implementation.
►4/28/2022: Operations subcommittee had its first meeting with the HECC and selected co-chairs. The OSU faculty represented on Common Course Numbering subcommittees met April 27 to collaborate and have an initial discussion about how we will process these courses in CIM.
►3/24/2022: Subcommittee approved and the charge for the subcommittee is pending. Oregon State OtR Analyst/Programmer has been assigned to the subcommittee along will all seven Oregon public university registrars, and eight community college registrars.
►1/27/2022: The legislature is forming subcommittees and there has been a list of courses to be standardized for year one.
►Registrar-level work to begin on systems.
►Due Date: Phase I, September 2023