Project Summary: 

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In Fall 2019, OSU will implement CIM, Curriculum Inventory Management, to replace the current Curriculum Proposal System. OSU purchased a suite of tools from LeepFrog Technologies which integrate with Banner, and each other, to provide a modern, long-term solution to the university’s curriculum and scheduling needs.  Implementation of CIM will allow OSU to revise and improve the process of submitting curriculum proposals.

  • Modern and mobile technology
  • Integrated suite of tools
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing processes
  • Streamlined workflow and improved user experience

Background to the Project

Due to its age, OSU’s homegrown proposal system (CPS) is not able to be upgraded and can no longer be supported by the vendor. New software was sought that could adapt to our changing curricular needs and technologies. CIM is part two of this implementation. Part one was completed last year with the replacement of the Academic Catalog.


Implement a proposal tool that can change along with the university and provide an improved user experience.

  • Proposal forms that clearly request all required information
  • Clearly designated workflow steps and a preview of the review process
  • A course/catalog ecosystem that will provide easy access to a list of course and program relationships
  • Improved workflow integration for hybrid/online modalities and locations
  • PDF and Word export options
  • Integration of non-credit learning opportunities

Project Scope

  • Replace current proposal system for courses and programs.
  • Incorporate non-credit learning opportunities into the proposal system.
  • Ecampus workflow
  • Add miscellaneous administrative workflow  

Scope Exclusions and Limits

  • Will not provide a syllabi bank
  • Will not provide archive of proposals that are in the current CPS tool


  • Campus-wide training on the Corvallis campus took place on October 16 and 17, 2019
  • Training sessions will take place on the OSU-Cascades campus on November 5, 2019
  • Additional training will be provided on an ongoing basis through fall and winter term. Session times will be posted to the CIM Training Schedule once known

CPS Decommissioning

  • Detailed information including deadlines for CPS proposal submission can be found on the CIM Transition webpage




Spring 2018

Project kick-off

Summer 2018

Determination of business requirements
Stakeholder group selection
Attendees: OSU core team

September 2018

Onsite pilot with Leepfrog to review forms
Attendees: OSU core team and stakeholder group

December 2018

Post-pilot review and completion of scope specifications

January 2019

Form testing round 1
Attendees: OSU core team and stakeholder group

March 2019

Form testing round 2
Attendees: OSU core team and stakeholder group

April 2019

Form testing round 3
Attendees: OSU core team and stakeholder group

May 2019

Form testing round 4
Attendees: OSU core team and stakeholder group

June 2019

Form testing round 5
Attendees: OSU core team and stakeholder group

July 2019

Form testing round 6
Attendees: OSU core team and stakeholder group

September 2019

Final form review and sign-off
Attendees: OSU core team

September 2019

Forms move into production
Course form sync testing with Banner

October 2019

Quality assurance testing
Program form migration from Catalog
Administrator training

October 2019

Onsite end-user training with Leepfrog
Attendees: Campus-wide faculty and staff

November 2019

CIM implementation and CPS deactivation
Ongoing training provided by OSU administrators through 2019-2020 academic year

Core Team

  • Alix Gitelman, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Rebecca Mathern, Associate Provost and University Registrar
  • Mike Jefferis, Office of the Registrar
  • Belinda Sykes, Office of the Registrar
  • Caryn Stoess, Office of Academic Programs & Assessment
  • Heath Henry, Office of Academic Programs & Assessment
  • Janice Nave-Abele, Office of Academic Programs & Assessment

Stakeholder Group

  • Janine Trempy, (formerly) Office of Academic Programs & Assessment
  • Penny Diebel, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • Kara Witzke, OSU-Cascades
  • Brock Mc Leod, College of Science
  • Tara Williams, Honors College
  • Steph Bernell, Graduate School
  • Prem Mathew, College of Business
  • Erica Curry, Ecampus
  • Reni Powell, Ecampus
Project Status: 
Requesting Department: 
Office of the Registrar
Last Updated Date: 
Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Start Term: 
Summer 2018
Status Report: 
In progress