Your ONID login credentials are used to gain access to campus computers, your OSU email account, Canvas, the OSU wireless network, Interlibrary loan, 2 GB of storage space, and more.

How do I activate my ONID account?

Go to and choose “Sign Up For ONID” from the upper-left hand column.

  1. Identify Yourself
    1. Enter your OSU ID number
    2. Set your birth date
    3. Enter your first name
    4. Enter your last name
    5. Click “Submit”
  2. Read Acceptable Use Policy
    1. Read the acceptable use policy
    2. Click “I Agree”
  3. Set Password
    1. Read the instructions and create a password that meets the restrictions
    2. Enter your password twice
    3. Click “Set Password”
  4. Set Alternate Contact Information
    1. Enter your cell phone number
    2. Enter an alternate email address
    3. Click “Submit". This information will be used to contact you if you forget your ONID password.
  5. You're Finished
    1. You should now be on a page that says, “Your ONID account has been created!” Make a note of your ONID username, email address, forwarding address, if you set one, and the Web address of your personal OSU web page.
    2. You should also receive email confirmation in your ONID inbox verifying the information displayed on the “Your ONID account has been created!” page.
For help:

Visit the Service Desk for the current operating hours and various contact methods including phone, email, live chat and a web-based help request form.

Who is eligible for an ONID account?

Admitted students are eligible for an ONID account, but the account only remains active if the student enrolls for their term of admission. Registered students, employees, faculty, emeriti, COCC dual enrolled students, and OSU Associates (to learn more about this status visit the visit the ID Center website) are all eligible for an ONID account as long as their association with the university remains active.

How do I Login to ONID?

Open the ONID page, choose "Login To ONID" and enter your ONID username and password when prompted.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • If you’ve forgotten your ONID username and/or password, you may use or OSU ID# and GAP to access the system and reset your password.
  • If your GAP is correct, but ONID is not recognizing it, then you can call the ONID Service Desk at 541-737-8787.
  • If you are unable to answer the security question and reset your GAP you will need assistance. Students should contact the Office of the Registrar, 541-737-4331; faculty/staff/associates should contact the Service Desk, 541-737-8787.
Guidelines for Release of Email Addresses

The following guidelines, defined by the vice provost for information services and the university registrar, apply to the release of email addresses in compliance with FERPA and OSU’s policy, Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources, which states, "The electronic mail system shall not be used for "broadcasting" of unsolicited mail (unless authorized by the department chair or unit head) or for sending chain letters. (Broadcast = More than one person as recipient. Unsolicited = Without authorization.)

The communication system shall not be used for sending of material that reasonably would be considered obscene, offensive, or threatening by the recipient or another viewer of the material. See Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources.

Authorizing Agents:
  • Unit heads can authorize unsolicited broadcast emails to recipients within the unit.
  • The special assistant to the provost can authorize unsolicited broadcast emails to faculty and staff.
  • The Office of the Registrar can authorize unsolicited broadcast requests to the entire student body or to smaller groups of students, e.g., undergraduates on the Corvallis campus.
Criteria for Authorization of Student Email Messages:
  • The purpose of the email must be related to the university's educational mission with specific relationship to the students being contacted.
  • The email must be memo style, not promotional, and must not appear to be advertising.
  • Parameters used for selecting the student recipients should be so defined that only students who possibly might be interested will be contacted.
  • Student surveys may be approved if the survey will provide data that will improve the unit's services or offerings to students.
Prohibited Messages:
  • Sales of any kind.
  • Anything for profit.
  • Anything viewed as advertising, even for academic or university business, even if there is no fee.

Denied requestors are encouraged to use the postal service.