Auto Prerequisite Drops

The Registrar’s Office needs an automated method of finding and dropping students from classes due to an unmet prerequisite.  The student should be emailed via Form Fusion to notify them of the schedule change after the drop occurs. 

Athletics, INTO OSU, and International Programs should be notified if one of their students are removed from a course. Head advisors will need to be notified so they can communicate with their advisors and students impacted.

Post Commencement Clean Up

Transfer Equivalency Self Service

To support overall enrollment, and student retention projects on campus, we are adopted a more streamlined transfer equivalency service. The tool is the Transfer Equivalency Self Services by ellucian (TESS). This is a module within Degree Works.

This provides an easy solution for prospective, current students to look up courses, degrees, and test scores that would transfer to OSU and to view their equivalence at OSU.

MyDegrees Upgrade

Installation and configuration of version due to Flash obsolescence. This created a responsive dashboard to multiple viewing devices and enhanced the user experience.

DUO All Students

As part of the university transition to DUO multifactor authentication, our office collaborated with Identity Management to transition students, in various cohorts, over to DUO. The first student cohorts were transitioned in October 2019 and all students were using DUO February 2020.

OtR Veteran Services Webpage

Our office developed a new VA Education Benefits website to better serve our students and help them to understand the services provided by our VA and Military Benefits team.

Professional Student Graduation Application Load

Our office partnered with UIT to update the Appworx job (SHR1790) that loads new graduation candidates into the graduation pool. It was updated to also load PharmD students’ as graduation candidates so that the loading of this population would no longer involve manual data entry.

SSB Diploma Name Entry - PharmD Students

Our office partnered with UIT to update the diploma name entry in Self-Service to allow PharmD students to submit their diploma names online.

Ad Hoc Lite 2.0

As part of the planned transition away from BI Query, our office partnered with IAR to develop CORE ad hoc lite reports to meet more users' data needs as many users will be using CORE in lieu of BI Query in the future. Three reports were developed and focus on transcript, degree, and registration data.

Veteran Education Intake Survey

Our office developed a communication tool designed to target newly admitted students who will use VA education benefits or military tuition assistance at OSU.  The intake tool guides students through the steps to begin using their benefits at OSU, directs them to tuition programs for which they may qualify, and creates a secure and user-friendly way to submit critical information and documentation to the VA and Military Certifying Team.