Keep your eye on the ball. Once you’ve applied to graduate you are responsible for monitoring your progress from the beginning of the process through the actual awarding of the degree. Don’t make any assumptions.

The Review

When an application for graduation is submitted the Office of the Registrar will inform your advisor that you are pending graduation for the term. Check your degree progress using your MyDegrees degree checklist by logging into MyOSU. If you haven’t done so recently, you should meet with your advisor to verify that you are on track to meet your requirements. Any unmet requirements indicated on your degree audit must be resolved prior to a degree being awarded.

College/departmental advisors will review your record to verify the completion of baccalaureate core, degree, major, minor, option, and college requirements. The Office of the Registrar verifies completion of the remaining institutional requirements.

Academic Regulation 25 defines Institutional Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees. Questions regarding your ability to graduate as planned or regarding specific college/major/minor/option requirements should be directed to your academic advisor.

During the term in which you have applied to graduate, your record will be evaluated several times to determine if you have met graduation requirements. Any deficiencies will be recorded as a graduation hold on your student record. Check your holds by logging into MyOSU, under My Student Stuff click on View Holds. Also, continue to monitor your progress in MyDegrees. You will be responsible for monitoring your progress and checking your holds throughout your final term because your progress and holds will be updated continuously as changes to your record occur. Check your ONID email regularly.

What if I won’t meet my requirements as planned?

In the event that you will be unable to graduate at the end of the term for which you have applied, you should cancel your existing application for graduation and submit a new application for the future term in which you will complete your requirements.

How do I know if I graduated?

Degree clearance requires approximately two weeks after the conclusion of the term. When your degree requirements are completed, your degree award will be posted to your transcript. Also, the Office of the Registrar will send a notice of congratulation to your ONID student email address once your degree is awarded. It is your responsibility to consult your OSU transcript to confirm your degree award.