To request to a late withdrawal from the term after the deadline published in the Academic Calendar, complete the Petition for Late Change of Registration as stated below.

First page of the petition, complete the following:
  • Student information
  • Indicate “Withdraw from Term” and list courses under Course Withdrawal
  • Provide a response to the question – “Reason for change?”
  • Provide a response to second question – “Why were you unable to meet original deadline or make registration changes in a timely manner?”
Second page of the petition, complete the following:
  • Instructor Section for Late Drop or Withdraw: The instructor(s) must answer the two questions (last date of attendance and did student take final exam) and sign the form. Both questions in the Late Drop/Withdraw course section must be answered by each of your instructors. You may attach separate sheets with each instructor's responses.
  • College Head Advisor/Graduate Dean Comments: Degree-seeking undergraduate students must obtain the signature of their college head advisor. Graduate students must obtain the signature of the Graduate School designee. Non-degree students require no signatures in this section.
Attach supporting documentation

The Academic Requirements Committee strongly recommends that you submit verifiable supporting documentation along with your petition request. Please be aware that the submission of documentation does not guarantee that your petition will be approved.

The complete petition (signed and dated) with all required signatures and supporting documentation can be submitted to the Office of the Registrar at [email protected]. There is a $20 non-refundable processing fee for late change of registration.

See Late Registration for more details about the petition process for late change of registration.