Please make all changes in RED INK. SIGN and return. In all places where website is mentioned, it is the website of the Office of the Registrar.

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To Change a Section

To change data, line through incorrect data lightly, and enter correct data.

To Delete a Section

Place "D" at the far left and then lightly line through entire first line of the course.

To Add a Section

Place "A" at far left, and enter all necessary information, either at the bottom of the page, or on an added piece of paper. Please complete all items when adding course, including grading mode.

To Activate/ Inactivate

If an "I" appears after the STATUS: at the far right, the course is Inactive. To make it Open, cross out the "I" and place an "O" for "Open". Enter the maximum enrollment in the MAX: space.

To inactivate a course cross out the "O" and enter "I" at the far left-hand side of the beginning of the first line of the course. An inactive course is a course that is not presently being offered but may become available during the registration period. This will temporarily inactivate registration.

Note: Please do NOT make a section Inactive if you know it will not be offered that term—mark it Deleted (see above).

To Crosslist

A course can be crosslisted with one from another department if approved by Academic Programs. You can check SCADETL to see if your course is a crosslisted course. Write the additional CRNs in the space provided. List total students accepted after INT MAX (Internal Maximum).

To Combine

Courses taught together, such as ME 421/521, can be "tied" together, either with the same enrollments, such as 48/48 and total max 48; or they can be 48/48 with a total max enrollment of 96. Different sections of the same course may also share a room and should be combined to ensure the headcount does not exceed room capacity. Write the additional CRNs in the space provided and list total students accepted after INT MAX:. "Combine" is functionally the same as "Crosslist" and will often be referred to as such by Scheduling.


If a GP room will be needed, check with instructors for specific attributes desired: enhanced room, document camera, etc. Record those needs in the space provided. (Review the Valid Classroom Attributes List for room information.) DO NOT include attributes that are not on the valid list. There are attributes listed by Facilities Services on Banner's SLARDEF that we do not include in the scheduling software.

If a departmental room will be used indicate the room. If unsure of the exact room at the present time, indicate "GRP TBAD".

If no room is needed, such as location based teaching, indicate "GRP OC".

Please note: classes are scheduled at the times and in the locations shown on the printout. If the class size/room size is not a good fit, Scheduling personnel will make necessary adjustments.

Change Meeting Dates

If a course meets for less than the full term, cross out the full term dates (which defaulted from the roll process) and indicate the correct dates or date range.


You can restrict by Department, Field of Study, Class, Level, Degree, Campus, College, and Student Attributes. To indicate INCLUDE put a +.  To indicate EXCLUDE put a –.  Course prereqs cannot be added, deleted or changed without a category II curriculum proposal; they can be switched from "Enforced" to "Recommended" with an email request to the Catalog Coordinator. See official prerequisite policy.

To Reserve

On the left side, write the major code/number of seats to be reserved for that major. Example: 307/10 reserves 10 seats for Computer Science (307) majors in the class. See web on Reserved Seating for Classes for information on this function.

To Change the Max or the Waitlist


Please remember to SIGN AND DATE your work report and add your phone number. Make yourself a copy before you give us the original.