Tools such as the academic calendar and web for faculty & advisors are invaluable to many faculty and staff during the course of their daily activities. Here is information about these resources.

In addition registration information and resources available to students are also included here for the easy reference of faculty/staff.

Grade submission is critical to many functions of the university; not least of which is the ability for advisors and students to evaluate their progress towards a degree. This section provides detailed information about who may submit grades, how to submit grades, when grades are due, and how errors may be corrected. New videos on keyed entry and file upload method to submit final grades have been added.

Faculty Self-service access is requested via the Instructor Access Request form.

FERPA training is required before requesting access to Faculty Self-service. You must first complete the tutorial, print out the completion certificate, sign it, scan it as a PDF, and attach it to this form.

Faculty members wanting to grant grading access to teaching assistants (TAs) should direct them to Canvas Access for TAs.

Last date of attendance: Oregon State University does not require that professors take attendance; however, the U.S. Department of Education nevertheless requires (34 CFR 668.22) the Office of Financial Aid to determine if a student who receives financial aid and fails to earn a passing grade in a course has actually attended and/or completed the course, or if they withdrew from a course without providing the university official notification.