The first step to furthering your education is to find the course(s) that you want or need to enroll in. There are a number of tools to help you find courses that will meet your needs.

Search for classes via MyOSU.

You may access the Class Search feature through your MyOSU account to search for courses for terms that are open to registration. (Steps: Login to MyOSU, click Student tab, under Registration Tools click on Look Up Classes, then follow the directions.) Once you find a course you wish to enroll in you can add it to your worksheet and keep searching or you can submit the change immediately and be enrolled in the course immediately if there are no impediments. For a more detailed explanation of how to search for courses from within the Registration menu view the Adding a Course video tutorial.

Search for courses using the online Schedule of Classes

Using the online schedule of classes you can search class listings in several ways. You can define your criteria in the Search All Schedules of Classes. If you know you are looking for something more specific you can begin your search in a specific subsection such as Baccalaureate Core Schedules or Undergraduate Schedules by Subject. Once you’ve defined your criteria and located the course/courses that you are interested in make note of the CRN for registration purposes.

Need to find a baccalaureate core course?

Watch our Searching for Baccalaureate Core Classes Video Tutorial or go straight to the baccalaureate core courses section of the general catalog.

Do you have concerns about building accessibility?

Visit the campus accessibility site maintained by Disability Access Services and learn the about the accessibility of buildings on campus.

Interested in taking an online course?

Visit Ecampus to find out more information about online courses.

Do you need to search for a course from a prior term?

The OSU Academic Catalog is archived by academic year in PDF format in OregonDigital.