The first step to furthering your education is to find the course(s) that you want or need to enroll in. There are a number of tools to help you find courses that will meet your needs.

Search for classes via the online Schedule of Classes.

You may search for classes using the online Schedule of Classes. To do so, log into Scheduler at the top right corner of the Schedule of Classes. You can search via a variety of filters, including baccalaureate core courses.

Do you have concerns about building accessibility?

Visit the campus accessibility site maintained by Disability Access Services and learn the about the accessibility of buildings on campus.

Interested in taking an online course?

Visit Ecampus to find out more information about online courses.

Do you need to search for a course from a prior term?

You can access schedule of classes for previous terms online to search for courses offered in previous terms up to two years past.

The OSU General Catalog is archived by academic year in PDF format in ScholarsArchives@OSU .