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We are excited to announce that the Catalog and Schedule of Classes got a makeover! OSU’s new Schedule of Classes (SOC) debuted on June 4th.

See SOC FAQs below.

The Schedule of Classes provides students with a mobile-friendly way to search for classes. It will have some added features to our current Schedule of Classes, such as:

· Search by keyword or subject code:

· Search by number of credits:

· Search by instructor:

Search by instructor

· Search by course attributes (e.g., Bacc-Core attributes, CLA Core):

Search by attribute

You can also view a schedule of all available classes that meet your search criterion:

Schedule blocks

You are able to search for classes easily using various filters that will narrow down your search and provide you with the list of classes you want! The new SOC was launched on June 4 at


Q: How do I view enrollment for a course?

A: Once you search the course, click on the course and a tray will open to the right with all the course information. From there, scroll to the bottom, where you will see the maximum and actual enrollments for each section of the course.

Q:: How do I view final exams?

A: Search for the course in the Schedule of Classes, all available sections will be displayed in the search results. To view a specific section, click on the section displayed in the search result to view the midterm and finals listed in the section.

Q: How do I view the date range/sessions for courses?

A: These dates can be found in the course information. After searching for a course, click on the course and a tray menu will open to the right with all the course information. You will see the session dates listed towards the top of that screen.

Q: How do I display all sections (e.g. BA 354-001, 002, 003, 004, 400, 401) of a course?

A: Type in the subject code and number in the search box. All available sections will be returned to you.

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