Start Date Related:

Q: Why is the fall quarter starting two days early when Veterans Day is only one day?

A: Due to the loss of class time for multiple holidays observed, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day, the OSU academic calendar for fall term was changed for all campuses. The first day of class will now take place during Welcome Week. The following week will officially be referred to as Week 1. These changes were necessary to both honor veterans and to maintain the number of class days in the term.


Q: What is a Welcome Week and is it only for incoming freshmen?

A: Welcome Week used to be known as Connect Week. It is renamed to indicate the changes to the fall term start date, and includes events that go on for the new and continuing students at OSU.


Q: Are winter and spring quarter start dates changed?

A: No, only the fall term start date was changed. Other term start dates remain the same as before.


Q: Is Welcome Week considered the first week of the fall term?

A: No, the first full week of the quarter is considered the first week of the quarter. For fall term, it is the first full week after the first day of fall classes.

Tuition Refund Related:

Q: When is the last day to receive a 100% tuition refund according to the new refund deadlines?

A: Last day to drop a class and receive a 100% tuition refund is on Sunday, 11:55 pm, after the first full week of classes.


Q: When is the last day to receive a 50% tuition refund for classes I withdrew from?

A: Last day to withdraw from a class and receive a 50% tuition refund is Sunday, 11:55 pm, after the third full week of classes.


Q: Are there any other tuition refund deadline tiers besides 100% and 50%?

A: No, there are only 2 tiers to tuition refund: 100% and 50%.


Q: Why did the refund periods change?

A: The new pro-rated tuition period now aligns with the new deadlines. For unexpected individual circumstances, the tuition appeal process will still be available.

Add/Drop/Withdraw Date Related:

Q: Why did the date change for drop and withdraw deadlines?

A: The shorter time frame encourages student success by solidifying schedules earlier in the term and increasing time in class.


Q: What happens if I want drop a class during week two?

A: W grade will be recorded on your transcript if you withdraw from a class starting Monday of the second full week onwards. 


Q: What other deadlines around registration have changes?

A: The changes are around drop and withdraw dates. No changes have been made to the course add deadline. To view all term dates, please visit the Academic Calendar at Office of the Registrars website.


Q: I get an error message when I try to add during week 2, what is happening?

A: You need instructor permission and a departmental override to add a course during week 2. Please contact the department offering the course for assistance.


Q: What do I do once permission is received?

A: You should register for the class as usual through MyOregonState/Online Services or through Scheduler.