Valid Classroom Attribute Codes

This section provides guidelines for requesting room attributes and a list of valid classroom attribute codes.

Computer Station Classrooms

Here you will find a chart with information about computer classrooms including information about the particular room and the office responsible for scheduling it.

Enhanced Classrooms

Enhanced Classrooms are computer-equipped and networked to campus servers and to the Internet for complete large screen computer data and video projection for classes ranging in size from 50 to 750.

General Purpose Classrooms

General Purpose Classrooms are scheduled centrally by the Schedule Desk in the Registrar's Office through your college or departmental representative.

Kidder & Owen Hall Rooms

Kidder Hall 278, Owen Hall 102 and Owen 106 are specially equipped television classrooms used for interactive distance education classes.

Building Preferences & Attribute Requirements

Building Preferences are buildings you would prefer to be in when assigned a General Purpose room. Required Attributes are the attributes you require - not desire these rooms to have.

Visit the Building Preferences & Attribute Requirements page for this information.

Scheduling Classrooms with Schedule 25

The university assigns classes to general purpose classrooms using Schedule25 (S25), a room scheduling software program.