Restriction Overrides

This procedure allows a student to register for a course they are otherwise restricted from enrolling in.

  1. Type "SFASRPO" into the Direct Access box on Banner's General Menu screen in order to access the Student Restriction Permit-Override Form.
  2. Fill in the ID and Term boxes.
    Term example: ID of Student needing restriction override, Term: 201801
  3. Page Down to Student Permits and Overrides box.
  4. Enter Permit-Override Code. (See codes below.)
  5. Tab to CRN box and enter specific course CRN.
  6. Save the entry to complete your transaction.
  7. The students can now register themselves on the Web.
Restriction Permit—Override Codes
ALP Alpha Section Override
ATT Attribute Override
CAM Campus Override
CAP Capacity Override
CLA Class Override, i.e., Freshman, Sophomore
COL College Override, i.e., Business, Liberal Arts
DEGR Degree Override, i.e., BS, BA
DUP Duplicate Section Override
FOS Field of Study Major/Minor/Option Override
LEV Level Override, i.e., undergraduate, graduate
LKL Linked Lab Override (capacity)
LKR Linked Recitation Override (capacity)
PREQ Prereq/Coreq override
SAPR Special Approval Override (use for Department Override)
TIM Time Conflict