ONID & PIN Numbers

How do I activate my ONID account?

Go to the ONID website and choose “Sign Up For ONID” from the upper-left hand column.

Identify Yourself

  1. Enter your OSU ID Number
  2. Set your birth date
  3. Enter your first name
  4. Enter your last name
  5. Click “Submit”

Read Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Read the acceptable use policy
  2. Click “I Agree”

Set Password

  1. Read the instructions and create a password that meets the restrictions
  2. Enter your password twice
  3. Click “Set Password”

Set Alternate Contact Information

  1. Enter your cell phone number
  2. Enter an alternate email address
  3. Click “Submit. This information will be used to contact you if you forget your ONID password.

Set Spam Blocking Options

  1. Verify that the default spam options are set

You're Finished

  1. You should now be on a page that says, “Your ONID account has been created!” Make a note of your ONID username, email address, forwarding address, if you set one, and the Web address of your personal OSU Web page.
  2. You should also receive email confirmation in your ONID inbox verifying the information displayed on the “Your ONID account has been created!” page.
    For help:

    Visit the Service Desk Web page for the current operating hours and various contact methods including phone, email, live chat and a web-based help request form.

    Registration PIN number

    Students seeking a baccalaureate degree are required to enter a registration PIN number, provided by their academic advisor, upon initially entering the registration system for a term. The registration PIN number is randomly generated according to the advising requirements of your academic college. Registration PIN numbers are only given out by academic advisors.

    International exchange students attending OSU may be provided registration PIN numbers by administrators in those offices to facilitate their registration.

    Non-degree Ecampus students are required to complete the Ecampus Online Orientation. After completing the orientation, they will receive an email that will include the registration PIN number.

    Registration PIN from Advisor

    All degree-seeking undergraduates (including postbaccs) must have a Registration PIN to register for classes. Registration PINs are provided by colleges at the time of advising. Graduate students are not required to have registration PINs. Non-degree Ecampus students have a PIN and can register early; Corvallis campus non-degree students do not have a PIN and register later.

    When and how are PINs assigned

    The Office of the Registrar assigns registration PINs to students at the beginning of the current term for the next available registration term.

    PINs are assigned to students on the following timescale:

    Week 3
    (After add/drop deadlines)
    From the beginning of week 3 onwards, PINs start being assigned to students automatically based on the term PIN rules set up for individual colleges.
    Weeks 3–4

    Some students are assigned PINs manually based on a particular status, e.g., disability access students, First-Year Experience students, student athletes, international Exchange students, etc.

    This takes up to two weeks because information must be gathered from many departments. During this time, it is possible that a student’s PIN will be updated from one that was automatically assigned to one that reflects a particular status.

    Week 4 At the end of week 4, the Office of the Registrar informs all advisors that PIN assignment processes have been completed.
    Weeks 5–7 Advisors meet with students to distribute PINs and plan registration schedules.
    Week 7 Priority registration phase 1 opens at the end of week 7.
    General Access PIN (GAP)

    A GAP is a 6-digit access number initially assigned to each student by the Office of the Registrar. Your initial GAP is your birthdate (month, day, year). For example, if your birthdate is April 3, 1999, your GAP will be 040399. The GAP is your Personal Identification Number used to access student information available through BANNER and the World Wide Web. Your initial birthdate GAP will expire upon your first entry into the information systems. You must then choose a new GAP, other than your birthdate. You also have the option to enter some additional information about yourself to use as a prompt should you forget your GAP and need to obtain a new GAP. You may also contact the Office of the Registrar, 541-737-4331, B102 Kerr Administration Building, if you forget your GAP.