FERPA Training Module


The Office of the Registrar hosts a FERPA training module and a required quiz for employees and courtesy appointees to gain access to student information systems. The training is recommended for any employee or courtesy appointee who works with students.

  • Individuals should participate in the training relevant to their designated role.
  • If you are a supervisor of a student serving in a role that encounters student data and the student is not an employee of OSU, please contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.
  • In order to gain access to student information systems, including Canvas sections in which you are not a student, you must have a formalized role with the university.
  • If you have just joined the university as an employee, wait until you have the training tab in your MyOregonState employee tab before taking the training.

FERPA Training Access

There are three training modules:

  1. General employees (staff, teaching and professional faculty, administration, courtesy appointees) and,
  2. Student employees (TAs, GTAs, student workers)
  3. Non-OSU employees
Step 1: Once in the “Employee” section of MyOregonState, select 'Resources' Step 1: Take this FERPA training
Step 2: Select the 'Employment' tag Step 2: Send proof of your training to your department leadership.
Step 3: Locate and select the appropriate link “Faculty/Staff FERPA Training” OR “GRA, GTA, & Student Employee FERPA Training”   
Step 4: You will be directed to a Qualtrics survey that may ask you to authenticate if you are not currently logged into DUO  
Verifying an Employee's FERPA Training

You can check to see if an employee or courtesy faculty member has completed their training by checking these CORE reports.