File Upload


Text files must contain a minimum of OSU Student IDs (the 9-digit SIS number) and Grades, formatted as either Comma Separated Values (CSV) of Tab Separated Values (TSV) on the same computer.

For the typical example, an instructor downloads his/her class list from Faculty & Advisors Menu Class List Download or the Student Data Warehouse as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. This file would then be uploaded into Excel. Each student would be loaded into a Row and each data element for that student would be loaded into the Columns of that Row.

The instructor would then save the completed document, with final grades, as a CSV file.

Using the Final Grades - File Upload process, the instructor uploads his/her complete grade book file. The instructor only has to identify the locations (columns) of the data needed for grading. All other data columns are ignored. For example if the CRN was in Column 1, Student ID (9-digit SIS number) in Column 2, and Final Grade in Column 19, those would be the only columns needed to be identified in the Grade Upload forms.

After processing the file, there will be a summary presentation of each record in the file and the results (success or failure) of that individual record. Records that fail are displayed with messages indicating the errors.

Grade book files could be submitted more than once. However, once a student's grades have been processed into their record, subsequent records that attempt to change that grade will be rejected.

Course Identifiers

Courses to be graded must be identified by using only one of the following four methods. The first and second methods are universally applied to the grade book file submitted and are external to it; the values are selected on the final grade upload Web page. The third and fourth methods require the selection criteria to be included with the grade book file for each record, and as such, the grade book file could contain grades for different courses.

  1. Subject/Course: An instructor who teaches multiple sections of the same course sometimes treats the combination of all sections as "one" course and maintains only one grade book file for all students in all sections. Using the Subject/Course selection criteria, the upload process will attempt to match each student in the grade book file to the course taught by this instructor, with a matching Subject and Course, regardless of the Section Number.
  2. CRN: Using the CRN selection criteria, the upload process will attempt to match each student in the grade book file to the course taught by this instructor matching this specific CRN.
  3. Data Items Subject/Course/Section: The upload process will attempt to match the student, subject, course number and section number in each file record to the course taught by the instructor.
  4. Data Item CRN: The upload process will attempt to match the student and CRN in each file record to the course taught by this instructor.
  1. Log on to MyOregonState using your ONID username and password. For assistance with your GAP, call or email the Service Desk, 541-737-8787, [email protected] or
  2. Under 'Resources,' type 'grades.' You will see 'Final Grades Menu.' Click and it will take you to Online Services.
  3. Choose the Final Grades - File Upload option
  4. Select the appropriate term from the drop down menu, and then click "Submit."
  5. The classes you teach will appear in a drop down box. Select the CRN for which you want to process grades, and then click "Submit."
  6. Follow the steps outlined on this form to submit your file.
    • Enter path/file name
    • Indicate file type (comma separated values or tab delimited values)
    • Identify course identifiers common to all student grade entries, if not included in each entry.
    • Indicate the position of data elements in a student grade entry (subject code, course number, section number, CRN, student ID number (the 9-digit SIS number), student name, grade)
  7. Click on "Process File." This "submits" your grades to Banner.
  8. Review of Final Grade Upload Process - This screen indicates the results of your file submission. If an entry failed to complete successfully, a descriptive error message will be displayed. To immediately enter or correct grades (or to review your work), return to the Faculty and Advisors menu and choose the "Final Grades - Keyed Entry" option. Be sure to "submit" your corrections. (You may also make corrections by resubmitting your file, through Final Grades - File Upload process. If so, be sure to check results of this submission).
  9. Missing Grades - If there are students registered for one of the classes just processed who did not receive a grade, that information will be listed at the end of the Review of Processing page. You may make corrections by accessing "Final Grades - Keyed Entry", making the changes, and then clicking on "Submit."
  10. Changing Grades on a Later Day - Grades submitted to Banner are processed (rolled) into a student's record nightly from the first day of finals through the final date. Accessing the "Final Grades - Keyed Entry Form" you will see a column called "Rolled," If a Y appears in that column, you know that the grades have already been entered into the student's record. To change a grade that has been rolled, use the Change Posted Grades option in the Final Grades menu.
  • Large files may take a few minutes for processing before the Review of Processing screen appears.
  • Be sure to correct any problems or missing grades.
  • Click on a "student's name" to access the student's address and phone number.
  • If the word confidential appears next to a student's name, all of the student's information, in addition to grades, is to be kept confidential.
  • Be sure to use the student's 9-digit ID