Final Grades Submission

Grade Deadlines

Consult the Faculty Grade Deadlines charts to find out when grades are due for the term. Note: In Summer term the deadlines vary according to the session in which the course is being held.

Who Can Submit Grades

Find out who is eligible to submit grades for a course. Also, we provide detailed instructions for how to assign an instructor to a course that they may submit grades.

Monitoring Grade Processing

Our office greatly appreciates the assistance of departmental staff in the monitoring of grade processing in their departments. This section provides methods and instructions for obtaining missing grade reports.

Web Grading FAQ's

Have a question not answered in the sections above? See if the answer is in the frequently asked questions.

How to Enter Grades Online-Choose One

Faculty Grade Entry 

Option 1: NEW!  Use the CANVAS tool to generate an Excel file to upload into Faculty Grade Entry.

Option 2: View the grading class roster for each of your courses and enter grades individually for each student See how to Log into Faculty Grade Entry.

Faculty Grade Deadlines

Final Grade Deadlines

Online grading for full-term courses will be available beginning the Monday morning of Finals Week.

Online grading for shorter courses that do not last the entire term, such as 5-week courses or courses that meet only during the Term Extension, will generally open when the course is officially complete (according to the term dates designated in the Academic Calendar).

For the benefit of students, please submit grades as soon as possible following the completion of the courses. 

The final grade submission is 5:00 p.m. on the dates listed below. 
Summer 2023
Part of Term Grading Open Grade Submission Deadline
Session 6 (6/20/23 – 6/23/23) Jun 23 Jun 26
Session 1 (6/26/23 – 9/8/23) Sep 5 Sep 11
Session 2 (6/26/23 – 7/21/23) Jul 21 Jul 24
Session 3 (6/26/23 – 8/18/23) Aug 18 Aug 21
Session 4 (7/24/23 – 8/18/23) Aug 18 Aug 21
Session 5 (8/21/23 – 9/8/23) Sep 5 Sep 11
Fall 2023
Part of Term Grading Open Grade Submission Deadline
Term Extension Sep 26 Oct 2
Full Term Dec 11 Dec 18
1st 5 Weeks Nov 3 Nov 6
2nd 5 Weeks Dec 11 Dec 18
Super Term  Dec 11 Dec 18
Winter 2024
Part of Term Grading Open Grade Submission Deadline
Term Extension Jan 5 Jan 8
Full Term Mar 18 Mar 25
1st 5 Weeks Feb 9 Feb 12
2nd 5 Weeks Mar 18 Mar 25
Super Term Mar 18 Mar 25
Spring 2024
Part of Term Grading Open Grade Submission Deadline
Term Extension Mar 29 Apr 1
Full Term Jun 10 Jun 17
1st 5 Weeks May 3 May 6
2nd 5 Weeks Jun 10 June 17
Super Term Jun 10 Jun 17
Spring 2024 Preliminary Grades
Part of Term Grading Open Grade Submission Deadline
All May 6 May 13

Faculty Grade Entry

Faculty Grade Entry

Faculty Grade Entry provides a user-friendly experience for entering midterm and final grades in Banner.

Faculty Grade Entry highlights are:
  • Display of all gradable courses as one list.
  • Easy navigation between multiple courses and rosters.
  • Multiple system notifications informing of missing grades, errors in grade submission, and status of grading process for each course.
  • Improved Grade File Upload process.
  • Less time spent searching for courses and students.
  • Course Details Tab with pertinent information about the selected course.

Entering Grades

There are two ways to enter final grades in Faculty Grade Entry - keyed-in entry of grades or the file upload process.

Faculty Grade Entry Instructions & Screenshots

  In MyOregonState, the Final Grade Entry link is under Resources > Academic.

  • Once logged in, click on one of the courses displayed as a list to load the student roster.
  • You may need to scroll down to view the student roster that appears below the list of courses.
  • Grades can be entered directly in student roster Final Grade column or through File Upload process. See below instructions on grade entry.

  • For keyed or manual entry of grades, simply click on the grade box and select a grade from the drop-down list of grades.
  • Alternatively, a grade can also be typed in.
  • Last Date of Attendance information is required for the grades F, N, I/F, I/N.
    • Last Date of Attendance must be within Monday of week one and Friday of Finals Week of the term.
    • Last Date of Attendance must be entered in the following format with leading zeros: mm/dd/yyyy. For example, 01/08/2024.
    • If there was no attendance/participation, enter the first day of class in the Last Attend Date field and 0 in the Hours Attended field.

  • Grades can be entered by uploading an excel file with student roster and grades.
  • It is highly recommended that faculty use the Final Grades Tool in Canvas or use the Export Template function to prepare the Excel file for uploading grades.
  • Last Date of Attendance information is required for the grades F, N, I/F, I/N.
    • Last Date of Attendance must be within Monday of week one and Friday of Finals Week of the term.
    • Last Date of Attendance must be entered in the following format with leading zeros: mm/dd/yyyy. For example, 01/08/2024.
    • If there was no attendance/participation, enter the first day of class in the Last Attend Date field and 0 in the Hours Attended field.
  • File must contain the following columns: Term, CRN, Student ID, Grade, Last Attended Date and Narrative Grade Comment. In the "gear" icon on the right corner of the screen next to the logout button, select Import from drop-down list. Grade Import Wizard will start the file upload process.

Step One: Select the file with grades from your computer. And click Continue.

wizard step 1

Step Two: Preview the file that you have selected within the Grade Import Wizard for accuracy, and click Continue.

wizard step 2

Step Three: The file you uploaded should automatically map correctly. Note: The file must include a “Narrative Grade Comment" column even though it states it's not required.

wizard step 3

Step Four: This step provides a validation report and any errors that occurred while processing the grade file. An excel file with errors can be downloaded to review the errors. If no issues, click Continue. Otherwise correct the errors and start the process over with step one. Click the Cancel button on the top right corner of the grade wizard if there are issues that must be resolved before submitting the grades.

wizard step 4

Step Five: Click Finish, and address any errors separately.

wizard step 5

  • To download the class roster, select the course in the course list and click on the "gear" icon on the top right corner of the page.
  • Select Export Template. Save the class roster as an excel file on your computer desktop to enter student grades and last date of attendance information.
  • Preparing the grade file following these steps will reduce grade entry errors in the system and will eliminate the step of mapping the file columns for the grade upload process as in step three below.

Import Expor1

Expor as excel


Excel file inside

Additional Features

Getting Started, Course Details, and Student Details provide brief information and tips on grade submission, links to related tutorial webpages, course start and end dates, number of grades needed, missing grades, and student information.

Information tabs

  • Search for students or courses in the two search fields in Faculty Grade Entry.
  • Search for students in the student search field by entering students name or OSU ID number.
  • Search for courses by entering either one of these keys: CRN, subject code, or course title. The first three characters entered start narrowing down the search results.


Course list and student rosters can be sorted. Sort any column by alpha A to Z or Z to A, or by number lowest to highest and highest to lowest.

  • Each course in Faculty Grade Entry has a Grading Status Indicator.
  • Final Grades have two indicators: Indicator "Grading Status" shows grade entry process status.
  • Indicator “Rolled” shows if entered grades have rolled to academic history.
  • When grade entry has been successfully completed, "Grading Status" indicator turns green.
  • "Rolled" indicator remains gray until the submitted grades have fully rolled to academic history by Office of the Registrar.

TIP: You can also sort your classes by Grading Status bar indicators.

grade status bars

  • Faculty Grade Entry displays system notifications.
  • Notifications appear when grades are submitted successfully, grades have not been saved, or entered grade or last date of attendance date format is incorrect.

notification successful

notification grade not saved

notification last day attendance

Grades that have rolled to academic history must be changed using the Online Change of Grade page.

Helpful Quick Guides

Faculty Grade Entry Navigation

Faculty Grade Keyed Entry Upload

Helpful Grading-related Sites

Grading and Web Services

Grade Submission

Grading Videos

Contact Us

Email us at [email protected] with grade submission related questions. Grading team will be happy to assist you with your question.


Faculty Grade XE provides this message to indicate that student has not withdrawn from the course and therefore needs a last date of attendance if receiving any of the grades F, I/F, N, I/N.

File Upload


Text files must contain a minimum of OSU Student IDs (the 9-digit SIS number) and Grades, formatted as either Comma Separated Values (CSV) of Tab Separated Values (TSV) on the same computer.

For the typical example, an instructor downloads his/her class list from Faculty & Advisors Menu Class List Download or the Student Data Warehouse as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. This file would then be uploaded into Excel. Each student would be loaded into a Row and each data element for that student would be loaded into the Columns of that Row.

The instructor would then save the completed document, with final grades, as a CSV file.

Using the Final Grades - File Upload process, the instructor uploads his/her complete grade book file. The instructor only has to identify the locations (columns) of the data needed for grading. All other data columns are ignored. For example if the CRN was in Column 1, Student ID (9-digit SIS number) in Column 2, and Final Grade in Column 19, those would be the only columns needed to be identified in the Grade Upload forms.

After processing the file, there will be a summary presentation of each record in the file and the results (success or failure) of that individual record. Records that fail are displayed with messages indicating the errors.

Grade book files could be submitted more than once. However, once a student's grades have been processed into their record, subsequent records that attempt to change that grade will be rejected.

Course Identifiers

Courses to be graded must be identified by using only one of the following four methods. The first and second methods are universally applied to the grade book file submitted and are external to it; the values are selected on the final grade upload Web page. The third and fourth methods require the selection criteria to be included with the grade book file for each record, and as such, the grade book file could contain grades for different courses.

  1. Subject/Course: An instructor who teaches multiple sections of the same course sometimes treats the combination of all sections as "one" course and maintains only one grade book file for all students in all sections. Using the Subject/Course selection criteria, the upload process will attempt to match each student in the grade book file to the course taught by this instructor, with a matching Subject and Course, regardless of the Section Number.
  2. CRN: Using the CRN selection criteria, the upload process will attempt to match each student in the grade book file to the course taught by this instructor matching this specific CRN.
  3. Data Items Subject/Course/Section: The upload process will attempt to match the student, subject, course number and section number in each file record to the course taught by the instructor.
  4. Data Item CRN: The upload process will attempt to match the student and CRN in each file record to the course taught by this instructor.
  1. Log on to MyOregonState using your ONID username and password. For assistance with your GAP, call or email the Service Desk, 541-737-8787, [email protected] or
  2. Under 'Resources,' type 'grades.' You will see 'Final Grades Menu.' Click and it will take you to Online Services.
  3. Choose the Final Grades - File Upload option
  4. Select the appropriate term from the drop down menu, and then click "Submit."
  5. The classes you teach will appear in a drop down box. Select the CRN for which you want to process grades, and then click "Submit."
  6. Follow the steps outlined on this form to submit your file.
    • Enter path/file name
    • Indicate file type (comma separated values or tab delimited values)
    • Identify course identifiers common to all student grade entries, if not included in each entry.
    • Indicate the position of data elements in a student grade entry (subject code, course number, section number, CRN, student ID number (the 9-digit SIS number), student name, grade)
  7. Click on "Process File." This "submits" your grades to Banner.
  8. Review of Final Grade Upload Process - This screen indicates the results of your file submission. If an entry failed to complete successfully, a descriptive error message will be displayed. To immediately enter or correct grades (or to review your work), return to the Faculty and Advisors menu and choose the "Final Grades - Keyed Entry" option. Be sure to "submit" your corrections. (You may also make corrections by resubmitting your file, through Final Grades - File Upload process. If so, be sure to check results of this submission).
  9. Missing Grades - If there are students registered for one of the classes just processed who did not receive a grade, that information will be listed at the end of the Review of Processing page. You may make corrections by accessing "Final Grades - Keyed Entry", making the changes, and then clicking on "Submit."
  10. Changing Grades on a Later Day - Grades submitted to Banner are processed (rolled) into a student's record nightly from the first day of finals through the final date. Accessing the "Final Grades - Keyed Entry Form" you will see a column called "Rolled," If a Y appears in that column, you know that the grades have already been entered into the student's record. To change a grade that has been rolled, use the Change Posted Grades option in the Final Grades menu.
  • Large files may take a few minutes for processing before the Review of Processing screen appears.
  • Be sure to correct any problems or missing grades.
  • Click on a "student's name" to access the student's address and phone number.
  • If the word confidential appears next to a student's name, all of the student's information, in addition to grades, is to be kept confidential.
  • Be sure to use the student's 9-digit ID

Keyed Entry

Step 1 – To access grade menus and rosters:

  1. Log on to MyOregonState using your ONID username and password. (If you need assistance with logging into MyOregonState, please contact the Service Desk, 541-737-8787 or [email protected] or
  2. Go to the Academic Resources tab.
  3. Click on Final Grades Menu. Please then see Step 2 for grade roster entry instructions below.

  4. This will open a new tab. Select the appropriate term from the drop-down menu, and then click "Submit."

Screen print for select term

6. The classes you teach will appear in a drop-down box. Select the CRN for which you want to process grades, and then click "Submit."

Screen shot of Select CRN

7. This will open the grade roster.

Step 2 – How to enter the grades once you have opened the grade roster:

  1. Your grade roster will display with twenty-five students per page.
  2. Enter a grade for each student by selecting a grade from the drop-down list in the Grade column. Only those grade marks valid for the section will appear as choices. You may need to scroll down to see the entire list of grade options. If you are not a mouse clicker, you can tab through the grade roster and type in the grade.
  3. Highlight the first student's grade box. Type in the grade (A, B, etc.). If you wish to award a plus or minus, continue typing the grade until the correct variation appears. (That is, hit B twice for B+ and three times for B–). Tab twice to grade the next student.
  4. If a grade appears for a student, the student has already been graded. Withdrawn classes ('W' grades), or thesis classes ('R' grades) are recorded (rolled) prior to the grading period and are not available for update.
  5. You will need to enter the last date of attendance for all F, N, and I/F grades. Dates must be entered with leading zeros – e.g., 01/01/15.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the roster and click on "Submit" to input the page of grades to Banner. Choose the next record set to get to the next page.
  7. Continue entering grades and submitting the pages until you are finished.
  8. When finished, click on View Missing Final Grades to see if you omitted any grades. If so, enter the grade and resubmit the page of grades.
Useful Tips
  • If the word Confidential appears next to a student's name, all of the student's information (in addition to grades) is to be kept confidential.
  • There is a 60-minute time limit per page. Save changes regularly!
  • Click on View Missing Final Grades to see if you have omitted any grades.
  • Click on a student's name to view the student's address(es) and phone(s).

Monitoring Grade Processing

Several tools are available to departments for monitoring grade submission by your faculty.

Class List

This report provides an avenue for printing class lists for the current term and also a grade roster for a department once grade processing is complete.

  • For Class List — log onto Banner Data Warehouse. Select SIS Student - SIS Reports. Select Current Term Class List. Fill in the parameters. Print the report.
  • For Grade Roster — log onto Banner Data Warehouse. Select SIS Student - SIS Reports. Select Past Term Class List. Fill in the parameters. Print the report.
Missing Grade Report

This report helps departmental staff monitor which grades are outstanding. Departmental staff who wish to monitor every grade roster should print the report at the beginning of grade submission (Monday of Dead Week) and continue to run the report as needed to review the department's submission progress.

AWA Submission Process:
Run Term Select Banner Term Code.
201900=Summer 2018 
201901=Fall 2018 
201902=Winter 2019 
201903=Spring 2019

Print Mode

Select "Detail" button

Part of Term

Enter "1" for Corvallis campus. Enter "B1" for Bend Campus. For Summer term, run report for each part of term separately. Please refer to the session numbers as listed in the Summer Schedule of Classes.


Select department or school code: ART

Campus Code

Enter campus code:
% = all; C = Corvallis; D% = Ecampus courses; B = OSU-Cascades; for others contact the Office of the Registrar, [email protected]

  1. To access and run the Missing Final Grades job, go to the Banner Login page and log into AWA.
  2. Under My Catalog, select SFR2700, Missing Final Grades, then click the Execute button.
  3. Under Results, click on the job request.
  4. Fill in the parameter values. See above for example.
  5. Click the "Submit" button.
  6. The report results will be emailed to you automatically as a csv and lis file. The subject line of the email will look like this: [PROD] JOBP.STUDENT.SFR2700.
Preliminary Grades

Departments are able to run Spring Term Preliminary Missing Grades by using SFR2690 in step 1. The Spring Term Preliminary Missing Grades does not have the part of term parameter.

Web Grading FAQ's

  • Faculty members who have been listed by their department as the primary instructors.
  • Non-primary instructors with a percent workload responsibility of greater than 0%, who have been identified in Banner as "graders" and are cleared for online grading access.

If a faculty member that should be able to grade is not able to grade, they may not be formally listed as an instructor on the CRN. Contact the department scheduler for that section to have an instructor activated and/or added as an instructor to a course section.

You may use a PC or a Mac, a desktop or a laptop and any operating systems (Windows, NT, even Linux) You may access online rosters from on campus in offices or computer labs, from your home, or anywhere in the world. Minimally, you need an Internet connection, Netscape or Internet Explorer version 4.X or higher, and your Web browser set to accept cookies. (This service supports only MS Explorer and Netscape. It does not support AOL or Safari.) If you have problems with the redirection process, connect directly to Banner Self Service and choose "Student Registration and Records."

  • Login to MyOregonState with your ONID username and password. If you've forgotten your ONID credentials, contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk at 541-737-3474. If you do not know your OSU ID, contact the Center for HR Systems and Technology at 541-737-8300.
  • Select the Resources tab.
  • Select Web for Advisors.
  • Choose from the menu of services available.

You need to be listed as a primary instructor or grader for each course you are teaching and grading. Check with your departmental office to correct.

If you have clicked the "submit grades" box at the bottom of a page, that page is saved within Banner. If you have not "submitted" your grades, your entries will not be saved.

As long as you have "submitted" prior to logging off from your computer, your previously entered grades will be available for update prior to any grade processing done by the Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar will process grades nightly during Finals Week until grade processing is finished from 2 a.m.–6 a.m. As a further check to see if grades have been processed, access Final Grades-Keyed Entry and check the column on Rolled; Y means grades are processed (rolled), N means grades are not processed (rolled). If the column has a Y (yes), the grade has already been processed. If the grade has been processed grade changes and removals of incomplete can be made online via the Online Grade Change featurePlease note that the Online Grade Change Feature will be disabled from 5:00 p.m. Friday of Finals Week until the following Thursday morning, to allow for end of term processing. Once the feature is reengaged you will be able to enter the system and make any necessary changes.

Grades are available to students on the Web following the nightly processing by the Office of the Registrar. The final posting of grades and the updating of GPAs and academic standings are done the Tuesday night following Finals Week.

It is the responsibility of the instructor of the course to assess the students, calculate the appropriate grade, and submit grades for the their students. Only the instructor of record can submit grades for a course. In no circumstances should you share your General Access PIN (GAP) with another person.

Which one of us has access to online grade rosters for our course? If your department office has designated more than one instructor with teaching and grading responsibilities, both persons should be able to grade. Check with your departmental staff if there is a problem.

Students in thesis courses are pre-graded with R grades and do not need updating by the instructor.

Faculty members may upload files of grades into the Web. You will need to create a file from the data on your spreadsheet. See Help for File Upload of Grades.

If paper copies are desired, you may copy the grades from your Web forms page by page. These grades will remain accessible to you on the Web for 5 terms. Or, after grading has been completed on June 18, you may access the Data Warehouse. Select SIS Student - SIS Reports. Select past term and click on class list button. Fill in parameters. Print the report.

For assistance or if you have a question you think should be added here, email [email protected].