Drop/Withdraw from a Course

You can drop or withdraw from a course using MyOregonState (select Academics tab and under Resources, click on Register/Add/Drop Classes). Courses must be dropped by the appropriate deadline for a specific term. Between weeks 3 and 7 of the term students can withdraw from individual courses. Remember that there are different deadlines for summer term, so make sure you refer to the deadline dates on the Summer Session website.

Change of Grading Basis

Students may elect to change a course that is graded under a normal grading basis (A–F) to a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading basis (S/U). Baccalaureate degree seeking students must obtain approval from their college advisor prior to changing the grading basis of a course.

With the approval of the major professor or graduate program director, a graduate student may elect to take a course on an S/U grading basis. Graduate students must fill out the paper form to request a change of grading basis and submit it to the Graduate School at graduate.school@oregonstate.edu.

Tuition & Fee Payment

If you are enrolled in courses beyond the end of the add/drop period, you are responsible for at least a portion of the applicable tuition and fees.

Verify Your Enrollment

Now that you’re enrolled you may need to provide proof of enrollment to an organization. Enrollment verifications are available in variety of forms.

Withdraw from the University for the Term

During the academic year, you may withdraw from all of your courses between weeks 8 and 10. During summer term, refer to the deadline dates as noted on the Summer Session website. This is considered a withdrawal from the university for the term and is requested by completing the withdrawal survey online.