Last Name First Name Position E-mail address Office Phone
Archer Carrie Assistant to the Registrar 541-737-6616
Bulling Larry Publications Coordinator 541-737-9889
Carr Charlie Records Specialist 541-737-2059
Corey Jennifer Records Specialist 541-737-0608
Dean Allyson Research and Project Manager 541-737-6634
Farrington David Degree Clearance Manager 541-737-2074
Howard Susan Veteran Certifying Official 541-737-0593
Hoyt Sara Scheduler 541-737-2181
Issabekova Tursynay Project Coordinator 541-737-9984
Johnson Shannon Records Specialist 541-737-0601
Johnson Gail Veteran Certifying Official 541-737-1496
Jones Jacob Associate Registrar 541-737-0604
Ketterman Jennifer Associate Registrar – Operations 541-737-2830
Landis Autumn Assistant Registrar – Athletics & Eligibility 541-737-2018
Lehto Cindy Master Scheduler 541-737-0607
Main Martin Analyst Programmer 541-737-0612
Mathern Rebecca Registrar 541-737-4048
Palm Rebecca Records Specialist 541-737-0613
Root Darleen Program Specialist - Graduation 541-737-9054
Sparlin Marteen Management Analyst 541-737-0610
Whiteside Sarah Special Projects 541-737-2047