Assigned Term: 
Fall 2016
Project Status: 
Last Updated Date: 
Thursday, November 10, 2016
Requesting Department: 
OSU Colleges


Midterm Grade Collection Process will provide valuable insight to student academic progress in classes, and help advisors and students in making timely strategic decisions to improve student success. Banner has the midterm grade collection and midterm grade display capability. Students will be able to see their midterm grades in Online Services. Advisors will be able to view advisee midterm grades in CORE. Reports for midterm grades will help advisors and campus units with Student Retention intiatives. Office of the Registrar is a function and process provider, decision to collect midterm grades will remain with Colleges.

  •   Already existing process/service
  •   Outreach Efforts for Advisors
  •   Already existing three CORE reports

Background to the Project:

As part of Student Retention efforts, Midterm Grade Collection process is on Office of the Registrar Roadmap.


  • Roll out to campus by beginning of the fall term.
  • Develop a clear understanding between function providers (OtR) and project sponsors (colleges).
  • Provide training material online, video tutorials on submitting grades.
  • Provide CORE Reports.
  • Make grades visible to students.
  • Communicate to Key Stakeholders of project purpose.

Project Scope:

  • 3 CORE reports with midterm grades (midterm grades by student, by instructor, and report with muliple selectable options).
  • Video Tutorials on Submitting Grades.
  • FAQs.
  • How-To Manual for Midterm Grade Submissions.
  • Email Language for Reasons and Audiences.
  • Enable midterm Grade Display in SSB Student Records Menu.

Scope Exclusions and Limits:

  • Midterm Grades will not be displayed on transcripts.
  • Midterm Grades will not be displayed in SSB to Advisors


Due Date



Project Planning with Shannon H


Kickoff Meeting for OtR Managers

  • Scope
  • Display midterm grades in SSB, in MyD?
  • Planned go live date


Finalize midterm grade collection objectives/purpose


CORE Reports Design/Test/Finalize/


Communication Plan/Email Language


Develop Training Material/Presentation for Grade Collection


Sent Communication to Faculty


Sent Communication to Advisors


Sent Communication to Students


Faculty Midterm Grade Collection Open/Closed Email Language


Faculty Midterm Grade Collection Open/Closed Email scheduled in Ops Calendar


Inform INTO OSU, that mid-term grades will be viewable to their students.


Enable Link in SSB for Midterm Grade Display for Students


Departmental Training?


Go Live Date and Communication

Communication Plan:



Information Needed and Format

How Often/When



Strategic Communication:

  • Why grades are being collected
  • Plans for the midterm grades

One time



More about the purpose:

  • Who will use this information
  • Expectations for advisors

One Time



Technical communication:

  • Where the grades are displayed
  • When we collect grades
  • Types of CORE reports available
  • Who has access to see grades

One time



Why we are doing it

One time



Informational Communication:

  • Where grades are displayed
  • When Grades are collected
  • Who else can see grades

One time



Process Communication:

  • Midterm Grade Collection Open
  • Midterm Grade Collection Closed

Every Term



Spring Specific Language about midterm and prelim grades

Every Spring

Status Report: 
in progress