Who stores this form? Do we send it back to the Office of the Registrar?

Please do not send your form to the Office of the Registrar. The form should be retained by the person who is writing the recommendation letter (or their department).

So do I use one of these forms for when parents want to join an advising appointment?

Yes, you certainly can. A number of colleges have created their own FERPA form for this occasion (see College of Forestry's "Consent for Release of Student Information" form on this page). If you use the external FERPA form (external because you're releasing the information to someone who is not a school agent here) we provide, please keep it in your organization, as we in the OtR do not need this. It is for your reference.

But I thought the Office of the Registrar had FERPA forms that they kept.

Yes, we do have this. This is for data that is coming from our office to an external source (e.g., a student who wants their parents to receive their grades). Those are the only FERPA forms we currently house.

Does our college need to use the internal form for every recommendation letter we provide for students to have opportunities or access within our college or OSU?

For the internal form, that can accompany recommendation forms used by your department for things like applications to a professional level program or your College’s scholarship committee. Without the student waiving those rights, it is implied that they will have access to the recommendation under FERPA rights. If it is more convenient, you are more than welcome to use the language on that internal form and add it to your college’s internal forms, as the language has been vetted by General Counsel.

How long do we have to keep the form?

For the external form, there is a spot where you are able to write in the date of expiration. You or the student should write in a date that is reasonable for you to serve as a reference.

For the internal form, there is no expiration date. It would just accompany the recommendation for the length the record is retained.