Frequently Asked Questions–Students


1. How do I change my major?

Undergraduate students complete the Change of Undergraduate Academic Program form, obtain approval from the head advisor of the college, and return the completed form to the Office of the Registrar. Deadline: Submit completed Change of Undergraduate Academic Program forms by the Drop a Course by Web for 100% Refund deadline of the current term (i.e., the first Sunday of the term) for the change to take effect that term. Forms submitted after the drop course deadline will take effect the following term.

Graduate students should consult the Graduate School Office’s change of degree/major procedures.

2. How do I S/U my class?

Complete the Change of Grading Basis form. Have your academic advisor sign it and return it to the Office of the Registrar before the term deadline posted in the Academic Calendar (no later than 5 p.m. on Friday of the seventh week). During summer term, see Tuition & Deadlines on the Summer Session website. Note that a grade of S or U has no grade-point equivalent and is not used in GPA calculations.

3. When do I register?

See the priority registration schedule in the online catalog. For further details, go to Getting Started page about registration.

4. How do I reset my password?

Go to and choose “Sign Up For ONID” from the upper-left hand column.

  1. Identify Yourself
    1. Enter your OSU ID Number
    2. Set your birth date
    3. Enter your first name
    4. Enter your last name
    5. Click “Submit”
  2. Read Acceptable Use Policy
    1. Read the acceptable use policy
    2. Click “I Agree”
  3. Set Password
    1. Read the instructions and create a password that meets the restrictions
    2. Enter your password twice
    3. Click “Set Password”
  4. Set Alternate Contact Information
    1. Enter your cell phone number
    2. Enter an alternate email address
    3. Click “Submit”
      1. This information will be used to contact you in the event that you forget your ONID password.
  5. Set Spam Blocking Options
    1. Verify that the default spam options are set
  6. You're Finished
    1. You should now be on a page that says, “Your ONID account has been created!” Make a note of your ONID username, email address, forwarding address, if you set one, and the web address of your personal OSU web page.
    2. You should also receive a confirmation email in your ONID inbox verifying the information displayed on the “Your ONID account has been created!” page.

5. How do I get my enrollment certified or verified?

Several options are available for you to certify your enrollment at OSU. Some are free of charge through your online student account. These include printing your class schedule, unofficial transcript, or National Student Clearinghouse verification. Printed copies of your official transcripts may also be requested online.

If you need a verification of enrollment that includes information not provided by the above options, please submit a completed Verification of Enrollment request form to request specialized documentation. Specialty certification services are subject to a certification fee and require three business days for processing. The completed and signed form can be submitted by mail, in person with photo ID, by fax (541-737-8123) or the completed form can be scanned and emailed to this office,

For additional information and documentation, please refer to the Verification of Enrollment Submission Dates and Letter of Explanation.

6. I ordered my transcript to be sent after my degree was posted but it was not sent. How come?

If you ordered your transcripts to be sent after your degree is posted, but you did not apply to graduate, your transcript request will be deleted. You must re-order your transcripts once you are in the term you intend to graduate in. Please wait about four weeks into that term before ordering because degree clearance for the previous term will still be in progress.

7. How do I add a course after classes have begun?

You must complete the Late Change of Registration form to have the course added to your record.

To request to add a course after the deadline has passed, mark the box associated with the course add, provide the requested course information, and provide complete legible answers to the questions at the bottom of the first page. On the back page the instructor and department need to complete the Instructor Section for Late Add. Undergraduates obtain the signature of your college head advisor, graduate students obtain the signature of the Graduate Dean, in the Head Advisor/Graduate Dean Comments section. Return the completed petition to the Office of the Registrar for review.

If you are unable to meet with these individuals in person to obtain a signature we will accept an email response from them, as long as it is from their Oregon State University email address.

Once we receive your completed petition, it will go before the Academic Requirements Committee for a decision. The committee meets every Wednesday morning, with exception to meeting bi-weekly in the summer. You will be notified via Oregon State University email of the decision. If you have any questions about the process, please contact our office at 541-737-4331 or visit our late registration page.

8: How do I change something about how my identity (e.g., gender, ethnicity, name) shows up in OSU’s information systems?

We call these your biographical details. If you need to change one or more of your biographical details, you may do so on our biographical information change request page.

9. How do I apply for re-admission?

You must complete the  Re-admission Application:  Undergraduate/Postbacc/Non-Degree form.

10. What is the difference between dropping a course and withdrawing from a course and does it affect my GPA?

A dropped course does not appear on your academic transcript. A withdrawn course will appear on your transcript with a grade of W. The W grade does not affect your GPA.

11. Can I tell by looking at section numbers what restrictions might apply for a particular course?

Yes. All courses have section numbers and those numbers have meaning.

  • Sections 01X through 08X are for all students.
  • 09X sections are for EOP (Education Opportunities Program) students.
  • 4XX sections are for Ecampus.
  • 5XX  sections are for OSU-Cascades campus.
  • 6XX sections are for INTO OSU students.
  • 7XX sections are for EOU-La Grande campus.

There are always updates made, please check the OSU catalog. Section restrictions are in the last two columns to the far right of the section information.