About Data Requests

The data request form is for OSU faculty and staff to request data from Enrollment Management units, including the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Financial Aid, and the Office of Admissions. In order to uphold students' rights as protected under FERPA, we ask questions about the purpose of the data request and where/how the data will be used. The data request form is only for those individuals who are requesting data to fulfill their professional responsibilities at the institution or for those academic researchers who have obtained a determination notice from the Institutional Review Board (IRB). If you are an academic researcher wishing to obtain student data who has not yet received a determination from the IRB, you will need to fill out this feasibility form prior to receiving an IRB determination.

Preparing Your Data Request

We recommend taking a few minutes to prepare the information you'll need for the data request. It asks the following questions for all purposes:

  • Select the purpose of your data request (institutional evaluation/assessment; academic research; non-research related)
  • Do you already ahve access to the data that you want to use? 
  • Briefly explain the reason for your request.
  • List all requested data fields. If you already have access to the data, please list what data fields you plan to use.
  • Indicate here if/how this data will be shared.

The data request form asks these additional questions/requires these actions if you are requesting data for academic research:

  • Did you submit a feasibility form through the Office of the Registrar -- If you answer no, it will end the survey and direct you to the feasibility form.
  • Upload a PDF of the study feasibility determination email you received from the Office of the Registrar
  • Please indicate if there are any changes to your plan since you received your feasibility determination.

Process for Data Requests for Academic Research

Step one:  Submit a feasibility form with the student data you plan to use, whether you have the data or not.

Step two: Submit your protocol to the IRB.

Step three: Once you have received a determination notice from IRB, submit a data request if you need data from Enrollment Management. If your study included obtaining informed consent, you must provide information on who consented (e.g. ONID user names).