Access to data in the Cooperative Open Reporting Environment is determined by the duties and responsibilities of your job family and profile.

Multiple levels of CORE data access were developed after evaluating over 600 job profiles. In cases where position appointments did not provide enough detail about job duties and responsibilities, access was limited accordingly. For example, "Academic Wage Appointment" can be used for different jobs and as a result access is limited.

If you believe you do not have sufficient access to student data in the CORE system to perform your job duties, please use this form to request that access for your position be reviewed.

ONID Account: If you do not have an ONID account, please create one.

To access student data, FERPA training is required. You must first complete the tutorial, print out the completion certificate, sign it (digital signatures are currently not accepted), scan it as a PDF, and submit it as required on the form. You must be using a university email address.

If you have taken the FERPA training before and we have the certificate on file, you are covered. If we do not have your certificate on file, training is required to award any new access.

Data Examples: - Financial information such as departmental budgets. - Human Resources information such as detailed HR data for your department, salary and tenure data. - Student information such as directory, registration, and transcript data.
If you have not already completed the FERPA training, please do so and then print your confirmation and sign the document. After signing, scan the document and upload it here.
Files must be less than 4 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf.
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