Faculty Grade Entry - New

Introducing Faculty Grade Entry

Faculty Grade Entry provides a user-friendly experience for entering midterm and final grades in Banner. Whether it is the keyed-in entry of grades or the file upload process, grading is a new experience with Faculty Grade Entry.

Faculty Grade Entry highlights are:

  • Display of all gradable courses as one list.
  • Easy navigation between multiple courses and rosters.
  • Multiple system notifications informing of missing grades, errors in grade submission, and status of grading process for each course.
  • Improved Grade File Upload process.
  • Less time spent searching for courses and students.
  • Course Details Tab with pertinent information about the selected course.

Logging into Faculty Grade Entry

In MyOSU, Faculty Grade Entry link is located in Faculty/Advisor Tab in Faculty Tool Kit.

Faculty Grade Entry link is also located in Final Grades Menu in Online Services under Faculty & Advisor Tab.

Once logged in, click on one of the courses displayed as a list to load the student roster. Grades can be entered directly in student roster Final Grade column or through File Upload process. See below instructions on grade entry.

Entering Grades

There are two ways to enter grades in Faculty Grade XE: Keyed Entry and File Upload process for both Final Grades and Midterm Grades.

Keyed Entry

For keyed or manual entry of grades, simply click on the grade box and select a grade from the drop-down list of grades. Alternatively, a grade can also be typed in. Last Date of Attendance information is required for the grades F, N, I/F, I/N. Last Date of Attendance must be within Monday of week one and Friday of week ten (Dead Week) of the term. Finals week does not count for this process. Last Date of Attendance must be entered in the following format with leading zeros: mm/dd/yyyy. For example, 05/05/2017 and 12/05/2016.

keyed entry

File Upload

Grades can be entered by uploading an excel file with student roster and grades. It is highly recommended that Export Template function and download the class roster from Faculty Grade Entry to prepare the grade file for entering grades To download the class roster, select the course in the course list and click on the "gear" icon on the top right corner of the page. Select Export Template. Save the class roster as an excel file on your computer desktop to enter student grades and last date of attendance information. Preparing the grade file following these steps will reduce grade entry errors in the system and will eliminate the step of mapping the file columns for the grade upload process as in step three below.

Import Expor1

Expor as excel


Excel file inside

Last Date of Attendance information is required for the grades F, N, I/F, I/N. Last Date of Attendance must be within Monday of week one and Friday of week ten (Dead Week) of the term. Finals week does not count for this process. Last Date of Attendance must be entered in the following format with leading zeros: mm/dd/yyyy. For example, 05/05/2017 and 12/05/2016.

File must contain term, CRN, student ID, grade, and last date of attendance. In the "gear" icon on the right corner of the screen next to the logout button, select Import from drop-down list. Grade Import Wizard will start the file upload process.

Step One: Select the file with grades from your computer. And click Continue.

wizard step 1

Step Two: Preview the file that you have selected within the Grade Import Wizard for accuracy, and click Continue.

wizard step 2

Step Three: Select the required columns needed for grade submission and click Continue.

wizard step 3

Step Four: This step provides a validation report and any errors that occurred while processing the grade file. An excel file with errors can be downloaded to review the errors. If no issues, click Continue. Otherwise correct the errors and start the process over with step one. Click the Cancel button on the top right corner of the grade wizard if there are issues that must be resolved before submitting the grades.

wizard step 4

Step Five: Click Finish, and address any errors separately.

wizard step 5

Information Tabs

Getting Started, Course Details, and Student Details provide brief information and tips on grade submission, links to related tutorial webpages, course start and end dates, number of grades needed, missing grades, and student information.

Information tabs

Search Function

Search for students or courses in the two search fields in Faculty Grade Entry. Search for students in the student search field by entering students name or OSU ID number. Search for courses by entering either one of these keys: CRN, subject code, or course title. The first three characters entered start narrowing down the search results.



Course list and student rosters can be sorted. Sort any column by alpha A to Z or Z to A, or by number lowest to highest and highest to lowest.

Grade Status Indicator

Each course in Faculty Grade Entry has a Grading Status Indicator. Final Grades have two indicators: Indicator "Grading Status" shows grade entry process status. Indicator “Rolled” shows if entered grades have rolled to academic history. When grade entry has been successfully completed, "Grading Status" indicator turns green. "Rolled" indicator remains gray until the submitted grades have fully rolled to academic history by Office of the Registrar.

TIP: You can also sort your classes by Grading Status bar indicators.

grade status bars


Faculty Grade Entry displays system notifications. Notifications appear when grades are submitted successfully, grades have not been saved, or entered grade or last date of attendance date format is incorrect.

notification successful

notification grade not saved

notification last day attendance

Still Under Development

Currently, we cannot change submitted grades that have already rolled to academic history using Faculty Grade Entry. Grades that have rolled to academic history must be changed through the old method using Online Services link Final Grades-Change Posted Grade.

Helpful Grading Related Sites

Grading and Web Services: http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/grading-web-services

Grade Submission: http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/grade-submission

Grading Videos: http://registrar.oregonstate.edu/node/146/#GradingVideos

Contact Us

Email us at gradingquestions@oregonstate.edu with grade submission related questions. Grading team will be happy to assist you with your question.


Q: Will the old grade entry methods remain available?

A: Yes, the old grade entry links in MyOSU/Online Services will remain available.

Q: When I click in Last Date of Attendance box to enter last date of attendance for the student, a message pops up in Notification Center that says “Student has not withdrawn from the class.” Why do I get this message?

A: Faculty Grade XE provides this message to indicate that student has not withdrawn from the course and therefore needs a last date of attendance if receiving any of the grades F, I/F, N, I/N.

Q: If I enter grades for the same class in both systems at the same time, would there be a problem?

A: Yes, this will cause an error and your grades will not be saved.  You will have to re-enter your grades.